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Have you written your New Years resolutions, goals, or requests? I’ve been struggling on whether I should write any going into 2017. All my goals for 2016 weren’t fulfilled so I guess I’m not trying to disappoint myself in 2017. This morning I even looked at my goals from 2015…2015!!!!….and there were still some unchecked boxes that I still can’t check off 2 years later.

And it’s not due to lack of trying. Some things you just can’t predict. Some things just don’t happen the way that you want it to or when you want it to. Some goals are simply just out of our hands. The disappointment comes when we try to control life goals that are honestly not meant for us to control.

I think 2017 needs to be a year of bettering yourself:

– Learn to love unconditionally
– Learn a new language
– Learn how to cook a new dish (or just learn how to cook lol)
– Read a few good books
– Travel as often as your budget allows
– Learn a new hobby
– Spend more time with friends and family
– Read your Bible more
– Pray more

These are goals that do not have any variable attached to it.

Add your goals with variables to your prayer list:

– Pray for God to bless you with a new job
– Pray for your business to be successful
– Pray for God to bless you with a husband or wife
– Pray for God to bless you with a child
– Pray for God to show up in your immigration situation
– Pray for God to bless you with finances so you can start school

Don’t add a time to these prayers. Our timing isn’t God’s timing. His way is not our way. If they happen in 2017, that is GREAT! However, if it doesn’t, don’t be disappointed. Trust and believe that God is still working it out for you.

I pray that your 2017 is blessed.

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