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September 2017 Planner (FREEBIE!)


Hello Beautiful People!

We all know how important it is to stay organized and I wanted to give you a little something to help you do just that. I created a September 2017 Planner just for you! This planner also includes a weekly scripture as well as a prayer journal. Prayer and scripture needs to be a part of our daily lives and I wanted to make sure we don’t forget that while we are busy planning. Commit everything you do in this new month to God. I hope you all enjoy using this planner as much as I enjoyed creating it. I also left you a little monthly encouragement to help you get through the month.

For me, September is the month of “Getting Things Started”. I have a few goals that fell by the wayside over the past few months. It’s time for me to revive them and just get started!!! There is greatness in all of us and I want you to focus on tapping into your greatness this month. The scriptures of the week for this month are intentional to this theme. They are sweet reminders that even when we are unsure of what we are doing or when we feel like a task is too much for us God already knows the ending. Get started and let him direct your path!

Enjoy your freebie from me to you. Click on the image below to download.

September 2017 Planner

GUEST POST: The Problem With “The One”


Today I am so excited to introduce you to Christina, a beautiful young lady that blogs over at Intentional You. I read one of her posts and knew I just had to share her gift with you all. I pray it blesses you!


We ought to pray that whoever is in our path would be able to see the work God is doing in our hearts, by way of our attitudes, actions, and words.

The idea of a soul mate or “other half” comes from Greek mythology. Part of the myth includes this idea that humans were split in half and lived their life in pursuit of their other half of their soul. If this ideology was true, we would be absolutely miserable if we did not find our other half. There would be no chance for purposeful living if purpose were contingent on finding another person to complete us. Also, what if that one person marries someone else? What if “the one” picks another one? There are too many “what ifs” for this way of thinking.

If we believe that there is only one possible person out there for us to marry, it also points to distrust in God’s sovereignty. In Christ, we are complete. Colossians 2:10 says we are “complete through [our] union with Christ.” If we have a relationship with Christ, we have enough. Christ + nothing=everything. This equation gives us no need for something extra to be fulfilled while on this Earth. God does not give us relationships because we need them; He gives them to us because they can point others or us to the love of Jesus. 1 John 4:12 says that while no one has seen God, “if we love one another, God abides in us and His love is perfected in us.” This can apply to any type of human relationship: family, friend, dating, marriage. Whether in a season of having a romantic relationship or not, we should be able to say “Jesus, you are more than enough for me.”

When our focus is on finding “the one”, we stop working on ourselves. “The one” becomes this idol in our hearts. Instead of focusing on finding “the one”, Steven Furtick says we should focus on “being the one”. We put so much energy and thought on this idea of this figurative person that we forget that a real active God is in the process of pursuing us. He is making us into the woman of God that He wants us to be. 2 Corinthians 5:17 speaks of the new creation we are when we are in Christ. As a new creation, we are continually learning how to walk, talk, and behave in light of this new life.

God is putting new passions, goals, and aptitudes in our hearts, as we yield our hearts to Him. We ought to pray that whoever is in our path would be able to see the work God is doing in our hearts. We should be praying that others can see that God is truly more than enough for us.

Guest Post | Intentional You | My Beautiful Ugly | Relationships | The One | Singleness

Christina Price

Christina is a blogger, amateur cook, and teacher of young minds living in Coastal North Carolina with her sassy tabby cat. She never thought she’d be going public with her writing, but God doesn’t give you words to  keep to yourself. Subscribe to her blog for encouragement of how to live an intentional life in a chronically compulsive world. You can connect with Christina on her blog or Facebook

My Top 5 Favorite Versions of the Bible

holy bible

Hi everyone! The Bible has been translated into many different languages and versions but the Word of God still remains the same. Many people have asked me what my favorite version of the Bible is so I decided to write about it :). Below are my top 5 favorites:

5: The Message Bible
I’m actually surprised I’m putting this version on the list. It took me a long time to really enjoy the Message Bible. Coming from my NIV and NKJV Bible, in comparison the MSG version was just too watered down. Even though it is the easiest to read it is not the most accurate (it’s a paraphrase bible!). However, because of its readability, this version hits me in a way that some others don’t. There are still some scriptures that I feel are stretched a bit and misinterpreted. Nevertheless, it made it to my Top 5.


4: The Amplified Bible
I use this Bible to study quite often. The AMP version falls under a word-for-word translation and those are always great for studying. It breaks down certain words in the verse which allows for deeper insight to the text. The only downfall of the additional words is that just because a word has multiple meanings doesn’t mean all those meanings fit the context of the text.


3: New King James Version
There’s KJV and then theres NKJV. One of my first pocket bibles, back in high school, was a KJV Bible. I quickly got tired of the KJV language. The NKJV is KJV without the “saith”, “ye”, and “thou”. Simply put its a modern version. Similar to KJV, NKJV is a word-for-word translation so it is more accurate than the Message Bible.


2: New International Version
NIV is a thought-for-thought Bible. Unlike the NKJV, it is not a pure translation but rather an interpretation of what the translator feels is being said. The issue with that is that sometimes verses in NIV can be interpreted wrongly; after all, we are fallible humans. I prefer NIV over NKJV when I’m just reading the bible because of it’s readability. However, when I’m studying if I start with NIV I always check back with NKJV.


1: The Voice
Not many people know this version as it is fairly new (2012) but once I found it I was hooked. Actually, I didn’t find it. It found me. My sisters brought me the New Testament version of The Voice. I loved it so much that I went to buy the full bible. Please understand I wouldn’t suggest The Voice as a study bible. It falls somewhere between a thought-for-thought and paraphrase Bible. However, it is great to get the overall message of the scripture. The Voice is written in a screenplay format. The stories in the Bible really come alive. For a creative like me, reading the Bible in that way makes it more enjoyable for me (especially the Old Testament).


So there you have it. My top 5 favorite versions of the Bible. What are yours?


How to Avoid Those Last Minute Events

Avoiding Last Minute Events

So I wrote a post the other day about balancing work and rest. From the feedback, it seems that many of us struggle with finding that sacred “Me Day”. However, that “Me Day” is crucial to getting the rest that you deserve. So I figured I’d do a follow up post on how I schedule my “Me Day” and make sure it stays that way.



Before I schedule my “Me Day” I need to figure out what days are off limits. I am the Queen of double booking myself so this helps me walk through my month and schedule all important dates. This include work functions, church events, birthday dinners, meetings, etc. Anything and everything that I can possible schedule.


Ideally for me, that’s on a Saturday. I find one day where I’m doing absolutely nothing and I mark it in my calendar as my “Me Day”. What if I can’t find a Me Day? Then I create one. I’ll explain that more after I finish telling you my steps.


Book the hotel. Make the appointment. Save the money. The reason why I do it immediately is because I don’t want any surprises when my “Me Day” arrives. Trust me. I’m telling you this from experience. You’ll thank me later. There was one day I had planned to go to the spa. That month was a busy one and I knew I would’ve desperately needed a spa day. I called the day before and there was no availability. I called multiple spas around me and there was no availability!! I almost cried. I learned my lesson. I schedule everything in advance.

This is my favorite part. Whenever I’m having a rough day it’s comforting to know a Me Day is around the corner. I LOVE Countdowns. I literally use a countdown for everything. It’s sweet to see the sacred Me Day drawing near.

Okay Tosin, this is all great but what if I really can’t find a Me Day or once I’ve scheduled my Me Day something else comes up.

First of all, you should never be too busy where you can’t find one day out of 30 or 31 days. It’s just not healthy. Even if you have to call out of work- find that day. Your body and mind will thank you later.

However, there are some events that people like to invite you to last minute. Do you go? Especially, if the event falls on your already scheduled “Me Day”? We all face those last minute decisions. Maybe it’s a church member’s baby shower, an impromptu meeting, or a last minute call from your girlfriend asking you to follow her to a party. How do you decide if you should really honor the request. Let’s get some things straight first:

Many of us feel bad for saying no to events. Stop it. It is okay to say no. Now please use wisdom. If you say no to the same person every single time, you might want to strongly consider going. However, if you usually attend their events, I promise you they won’t stop inviting you to their functions because you decline this one. If you say yes to every single request that comes your way when will you ever find time for yourself? Please. Don’t feel bad about saying no.

Your sister is getting married. Of course, you can’t say no! Your coworker has invited you to his mother’s 50th birthday party. It’s a thoughtful gesture but do you really need to be there? How can you still honor the invitation without actually being there? These are things that you need to think through. More often than not, when we get to one of those “do I really need to come to this” events we ending up wishing we were at home.

I put together an infographic that can help your decision process. The bottom line, don’t feel bad saying no!


To Go or Not to Go

Welcome to 2017


Have you written your New Years resolutions, goals, or requests? I’ve been struggling on whether I should write any going into 2017. All my goals for 2016 weren’t fulfilled so I guess I’m not trying to disappoint myself in 2017. This morning I even looked at my goals from 2015…2015!!!!….and there were still some unchecked boxes that I still can’t check off 2 years later.

And it’s not due to lack of trying. Some things you just can’t predict. Some things just don’t happen the way that you want it to or when you want it to. Some goals are simply just out of our hands. The disappointment comes when we try to control life goals that are honestly not meant for us to control.

I think 2017 needs to be a year of bettering yourself:

– Learn to love unconditionally
– Learn a new language
– Learn how to cook a new dish (or just learn how to cook lol)
– Read a few good books
– Travel as often as your budget allows
– Learn a new hobby
– Spend more time with friends and family
– Read your Bible more
– Pray more

These are goals that do not have any variable attached to it.

Add your goals with variables to your prayer list:

– Pray for God to bless you with a new job
– Pray for your business to be successful
– Pray for God to bless you with a husband or wife
– Pray for God to bless you with a child
– Pray for God to show up in your immigration situation
– Pray for God to bless you with finances so you can start school

Don’t add a time to these prayers. Our timing isn’t God’s timing. His way is not our way. If they happen in 2017, that is GREAT! However, if it doesn’t, don’t be disappointed. Trust and believe that God is still working it out for you.

I pray that your 2017 is blessed.

Beware of Those Who Seek You


“He sent them to Bethlehem and said, “Go and search carefully for the child. As soon as you find him, report to me, so that I too may go and worship him” (Matthew 2:8)

It’s crazy how you can read the same verse over, and over, and over and then one day it just hits you differently. That’s exactly what happened to me when I read Matthew 2:8.

Here’s the backstory: Jesus was born in Bethlehem. King Herod king of Jerusalem. Bethlehem and Jerusalem are about 5 or 6 miles a part. A king being born this close to King Herod’s kingdom was definitely a threat to his throne. He decides to come up with a plan to kill the newborn baby before he can do any damage.

So what does he do? Manipulation at it’s finest. He calls for the Magi (wise men) who are also searching for baby Jesus. The wise men wanted to worship Jesus and King Herod made them think that was his desire as well. However, worship was the furthest thing from his heart. King Herod wanted him dead.

As I was reading this I thought, “Hmm, we need to beware of those who seek us”. Not everyone who surrounds you is for you. Not everyone who wishes you well means it. Not everyone who checks on you is really happy when they hear you say “I’m wonderful”. Some people come into our lives to destroy it; and sometimes we don’t realize it until the damage is done. This was something I had to learn the hard way. Naturally, I tend to see the good in everyone. Even if you’re running towards me with a knife I will still find a way to explain why you didn’t really intend to stab me. Eventually, I had to wake up from the utopia I tried to live in.

Now, I’m not saying that you should live your life paranoid because you can’t tell which sheep is real and which one is just a wolf in disguise. But you do need to exercise wisdom and discernment in all things. Don’t just share your business plan with everyone. You may end up sharing it with the very person who will steal it. You don’t always have to tell the whole world your dreams. That same friend who “believes” in you is the same one who is blocking your open doors.

The wise men had no reason to believe that ill intentions were attached to Herod’s request; so God warned them through a dream not to return to Herod. Imagine if the wise men ignored the dream!! In the same way, God will warn you through dreams, visions, etc if he sees you walking in danger.

Be vigilant. Not ignorant. Be careful of those who seek you.